AMSL Tooling is the go-to, All around service provider for your moulding and tooling requirements.
We create bespoke solutions and operate 24/7 in order to meet the most complex demands and tightest deadlines.The entire process, from mould design of a part to full manufacture.

What AMSL is…

1. Total floor area: 8000 sqm
2. Number of employees: Around 100
3. Number of Designers: 7
4. Number of Project engineer: 4

Tooling Capability cover areas : Automotive; Electronics; Medical; House appliance; Industrial part; Farming and others

Service Provided:

  1. Highly skilled mold makers and technicians who used to work in the leading mold factory as a tooling room management, we provide engineering & after-sales service in time and also support you on global delivery issues with guaranteed mold life and quality.
  2. Thermoplastic & Duroplastic

  3. Design for manufacture ( DFM)
  4. Tool design
  5. Mold flow – wrap & injection analyze
  6. Prototype tool ( low-series mold)
  7. Production tool ( SPI 101 level high volume molds )
  8. Large mold ( the largest mold dimension up to : 3000*2000*1500mm )
  9. Multi-cavity hot runner mold
  10. 2 color / double shot injection mold
  11. mold with optimized injection cycles
  12. Insert mold
  13. Over mold
  14. Unscrewing mold
  15. Stack mold
  16. MUD insert
  17. Precision mold component making
  18. CNC machining for the components or fixtures making
  19. Die casting mold ( aluminum or magnesium die casting tool )

Precision Injection Molding Service:

AMSL Tooling is a specialist technical manufacturer for plastic mould.  We offers all types of thermoplastic & thermosetting plastic moulding with different material.

  1. Raw material selection advice
  2. Molding Press Range from 45T Vertical injection molding press to Tonnage to 600T Horizontal molding press.
  3. Standard injection molding
  4. Over molding
  5. Insert molding
  6. Experience in molding plastic material

The Advantages of working with AMSL

1. Be honest with every customer from beginning to the end.

2. Keep confidential to all of the customer's property and data.

3. Provide most cost effective mold design and best solutions to every customer

4. Offer the most competitive price with long mold life cycle time

5. Quickly and effective response

6. Reliable and continuously support at all of the time

7. Timely delivery

8. The traffic is very convenient from Hongkong airport to our facility, it takes around 2.5 hours.

9. Fluent English speaking .

Your trust is the first and important step to us. we comply with the aim to become qualified supplier for long term and win-win cooperation relationship. you will never regret to working with us.